As well as taking striking images for Knox I am an official brand affiliate. I believe that they make the worlds best casual looking motorcycle clothing which doesn't compromise on safety. I own a vast array of Knox products from back protectors for when I'm racing or on track days; to full casual kit when I ride daily. I travel to most of my jobs/meetings on my motorcycle so having clothing that not only is protective in the event of an off but also stylish is very important for me. I can't be turning up to a high end client meeting wearing a one piece leather suit, because it just wouldn't be a very professional look. With my Knox gear I have no such worries. If you're interested in the kit that I own and wear please tap/click on the big Knox logo above which will take you to the Planet Knox website with a full list of all of my kit. If you have any questions about any of the kit don't hesitate to contact me with either the chat now function or any of the other contact functions on the website.

Logan Jacket:

The Logan jacket is honestly my favourite jacket period. I not only wear it when I'm on the bike but also when I'm just going for a casual day out. No one can ever tell that it's a bike jacket. The dual fit system works an absolute treat between these different uses. Its comfortable and definitely 100% waterproof. Ive been caught out in some torrential rain wearing this and its not leaked once. The peach feel fabric on the exterior not only looks spot on but it feels premium and so it should when you get something at this price point. Overall I really love this jacket and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new bike jacket and just a jacket in general.


The Handroids are hands down the best motorcycle gloves on the market. They're not only comfortable but offer cutting edge protection. I've actually crashed twice while wearing Handroids during a race and walked away with no injuries. The main feature of the gloves is the SPS which is a patented slider system that protects your scaphoid bone. Click this link here to see my full video review on these fantastic gloves!  

Richmond Jeans:

The Richmond jeans are just a fantastic jean in general. They are fully Kevlar lined and do not look like motorcycle jeans at all. They are very comfortable and look great. The armour is easily removable because lets be honest no-one wants to pull their pants off at the destination to faff around with armour. The Richmond jeans offer external zips to easily remove the included Micro-lock armour. These zips won't harm your paintwork and are nearly invisible. honestly a great pair of jeans. Only downside is they are just a tad warm in the summer.

Cold Killers Winter Jacket:

This jacket is my favourite thing to wear casually and on the bike under my outer layer. During the winter I rode long distances on various trips wearing just the cold killer and the outer layer jacket. My torso was not cold once on any of these trips and I was riding in temperatures bellow 0 degrees. Windchill is a big danger on the bike, where you're exposed to the elements. The Coldkillers range of mid-layers is 100% windproof to help protect you and keep you warm.