My Story


My name is Janis (Yan-is) and I've been a professional photographer and videographer for few years now. It is incredibly humbling to have made my passion for the art of photography and videography my job. I love every day of it and sadistically even the very tough days. 

I started in the the industry as a "motorcycle" photographer and am best know so far for my work within that industry. However that doesn't mean I am a slouch in other areas. My passion shines through all of my work with incredible attention to detail taken. I take every job on with a professional outlook and usually over deliver on my clients expectations. Trust me you'll be 110% satisfied with my work, if not I will redo it till you are. I'm a perfectionist and I hope that my work shows that.

Having worked with some of the largest brands in the world of motorcycling I know exactly how to make your latest promotion stand out. If you have just started or you run a world wide established brand, there's always something you can learn and improve with my help. I am very easy to work with and my resume speaks for itself with the best in the industry only trusting my business. I have a very modern approach to business, I never over complicate deals and make it easy for you to work with me time in and time out.

I have a very large passion for the motorcycle industry as a whole. I ride daily and most likely will turn up to a job on my bike if possible. I have been ridding for 23 years and have worked in the industry for the last 12 years. I have a great network of friends and understanding of the motorcycle industry; making me the ideal person to work on your campaign. I have a loyal customer base and I am just as loyal to their products and they are to my services. It is only fair to really believe in a product or brand to be able to produce great content.

However wild your idea is never be shy to express it with me, the more out there the better. To book a consultation or for my prices, please get in touch via the contact tab. I look forward to working with you!