Sidi Rex Boot Review

The Sidi Rex boots are a top of the range racing boot and boy do they deliver. Just looking at them makes you feel confident in them and gives you a very reassuring confidence that if the worse was to happen, they would stop your bones from acting like twigs. Overall the boot is very well constructed and you can really tell Sidi don't mess about cutting corners in their production. I don't know about you, but when I see that something isn't made in China, Taiwan or any other third world country, gives me confidence in the build quality.

If this is true or not only time will really tell after wearing them for a while. Looking at other Sidi boots in comparison they look sleek and simple; I whole heartedly think this is great. I can't be arsed in faffing about with several layers and complicated clasps; I'm honestly past the faff factor in my life.

The first thing you notice when putting these boots on, is that they are the typical Italian shoe; meaning they are very narrow. for my caveman feet that meant I had to go a size up. Even in the bigger size the first few hours in them were not pleasant I will admit that. I had these boots delivered to me while I was away for the Isle Of Man TT with the idea of testing them thourtly and reviewing them there; however the piss-poor weather had other intentions. I did do several laps in them around the course but because of the discomfort they offered me initially, I severely limited my contact with them. They did break in eventually and I can report that now, well over a few months on they are actually very comfortable; you really need to push through the pain with these. Other people with less freakilsky wide feet will probably never feel theses issues or expienrnce any problems.

In lieu of tedious laces or limiting ratcheted buckles, the Rex boots utilise SIDI's proprietary Tecno-3 push closure system. Three separate and adjustable steel cable closures are released and secured by circular dials with push buttons that allow the dial's arm to be lifted and rotated for increased closing pressure. The mechanisms located at the shin and ankle pull from the center while the instep mechanism pulls from the boot's inner edge to create a symmetrical closure and ensure a firm, confident fit.

A single ankle support brace, comprised of fiberglass infused nylon, restricts lateral

movements and reinforces the internal and external ankle joint to offer increased support and stability. Additionally, air vents positioned at the bottom of the brace are operated by an accessible, aerodynamic button to provide optional airflow. Using a similar slider mechanism, an extra air vent is incorporated into the toe slider that offers increased optional airflow over your little piggies. In addition to the venting scheme, small slots located at the central point of the ankle support brace allow heat and perspiration to escape from within the boots keeping you cool, dry and focused.

Once I had the boots broken in they felt absolutely amazing on my feet. I previously wore the Alpinestar SMX Plus boots and these are leaps and bounds above them. I honestly look at the alpinestars now as a lesser and inferior boot. I had so many issues with the Alpinestars that I’ll never be 100% satisfied with them. I really hope that the Sidi Rex boots don’t give me any issues like the alpinestars did.

please don’t get me wrong the Sidi Rex boots are far from the perfect boot on the market. I do have my gripes with them but overall they're a decent boot if you are looking for a race boot for the track. If you are looking for a more everyday riding boot or don't need the race orientated specs I would personally recommend a different boot within the Sidi rage like the Mag 2.